Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kickstarter Update #1

Dear #canaries, #spoonies, #MEAllies and everyone who has supported and shared this project: 
We have raised over $20,000 in the less than 24 hours since our Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday! You have left us humbled, grateful, and (almost) speechless. And as you've shared your stories with us, and what this film means to you...let's just say, I probably cried five times yesterday, and we still have 30 days to go.
$50,000 gets us to a film that we're proud of. But if we want a shot at making a film that will change the way the world see M.E.--forever--we've got to aim for a professional, feature-length documentary film budget. 
But first, let's get to $50K! 
How do we do that? Share, share, share!
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