Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Technology enables disability filmmaking

Many have asked: how can you make a film about M.E. if you are really that sick? Technology helps a lot. With the use of a few common technologies (and the support of an able-bodied crew!) I can direct and interview, even when I am bedridden.

What this video does not explain is that we've been shooting an average of one day a month since February. We can shoot much more if I work from home, but shooting myself, or traveling to New York to shoot others is an intense demand on limited reserves. It usually takes two to three weeks to recover. Pacing in all things.

Making this film has already been life-changing in terms of my perspective on my disability. I am still working hard on getting WELL. But even if that never happens, what this has shown me is that I can still live a full and meaningful, if different, life with an ounce of realism, some modifications, and the gift of the people who love and have stuck by me.

And the north star of a big f'ing dream.

#seeME #mecfs

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