Saturday, October 26, 2013

WE DID IT!! (In 3 days + 5 hours). Now, help us make history.

WE DID IT!! In just 3 days and 5 hours, we have zoomed past our first Kickstarter goal, raising more than $50,000 for Canary in a Coal Mine. You have absolutely knocked us over with all of your love and support (in Jen's case, literally).
When the news came in, we got a little emotional:

Words cannot equal our gratitude for your generosity. This campaign has invigorated a community that has for so long felt its voices marginalized and ignored. The power and the energy behind this campaign is extraordinary. This is our moment. We are going to do everything we can to tell this message from bigger and bigger platforms, and to make a film that is worthy of the trust you have put in us and the love you have showed. You have inspired us to push harder, to dream bigger.

OUR GOAL: $200,000 and 6509 backers by November 22nd

We will explain more about this on Monday, but here's our big crazy vision: to raise our *entire* film budget with this campaign, and to be the documentary film with the greatest number of backers in the history of Kickstarter. It only takes $1 to write a new story and change the future.
Why 6509 backers? Because we want to win with overwhelming force. That number would put us one man or one woman ahead of the standing record. Whether we're pitching to journalists or courting distributors, we want incontrovertible proof that yes, we exist, we are numerous, and so are the people who love us. There is a passionate audience that wants to see this story told.
How do we get there? Share, share, SHARE.
Much love and more soon,
Jen & Kiran
#seeME #MEally

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